Time To Kill Corona Virus

Time To Kill Corona Virus

As pandemic continues to be a thing disrupting life and livelihood our fight against the same has only expanded. And one way to put up a fight against the virus, that would soon be a common aspect, is springing up of sanitization tunnels across properties. And why not? For they surely quench our thirst for being safe in harsh times.

So with that being a thing, we decided to install a Sanitizing Tunnel in our society and God It works wonder. Don’t believe me? Then have a look and do spare a word or two about the same.

Adding more to the bragging, the best part about this tunnel is that it has been erected entirely using recycled products. Like pipes or the sheets or the tank that stores the disinfectant etc.

The brewing we have done to make the disinfectant is (kya daal ke disinfectant banaya hai) and surely gets the job done.

Moreover, you shall credit me for all the artwork on the sides of the tunnel. If nothing else it gives you something to look at while you do a little dance inside the tunnel.

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